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Sharing my passion for Art and Design with others is my mission.

I have been teaching Art and Design for over 20 years and love the experiences I have encountered so far through teaching and exhibiting my work. I have taught all ages and abilities in various settings ranging from Nursery and Primary school children to teenagers and adults. 

My first experience of teaching was whilst l was undertaking my M.A in the University of Ulster.  I was given the opportunity to give tutorials to Foundation Students and never had experienced such gratitude before for my input and guidance. I got a buzz seeing the students gain confidence when their skills and talent developed further and they achieved highly within their modules. 

I was hungry for more and so when l qualified with a P.G.C.E in Art and Design l started to teach part time in an all girls' school and continued to tutor B.A Hon students part time at the University.  In between these years l became Head of Department and continued to share my passion of Art and Design.  All these experiences have helped me grow and develop as an artist and art educator. 

Art is my safe place, my go to and my mission is to share my passion with as many people and children as possible. 

Art heals us and connects people together, as it helps us share various experiences we have encountered in our lives without speaking.  Artworks can touch our souls for many different reasons and helps us see we are not alone.  

The Ethos of “The Art and Design Factory”

As Belfast’s leading Art School, The Art and Design Factory’s core belief is that art and design should be accessible to all regardless of age or ability. By working with their hands and engaging the mind the individual will relax and create pieces very personal and unique.  Participants’ confidence will grow and they will gain a sense of achievement and pride as their skills improve. By expressing themselves in a nurturing and encouraging environment they can unwind and enter the “art zone” wherein the individual becomes lost in their own little world.  This trance like state is similar to a mindful meditation and boosts mental health and thus providing the individual with a deeper sense of well being.

Extra Qualifications

I am a certified Mindfulness practitioner having completed  a  Mindfulness Based Stress Relief Course (MBSR) 

Scientific research has shown that mindfulness mediation boosts divergent thinking and assists creativity in numerous ways. Meditation focuses the mind, calms and reduces stress and assists one to enter a truly tranquil state. This relaxed state of mind gives insight to inner thoughts and enhances the creative mindset to flow naturally so clarity and awareness are increased. 

Mindfulness helps us to increase our attention span as does drawing and painting. Creative processes like meditation and art help to balance our minds to both heal and destress. 

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I’m here to make the learning process easier and more enjoyable for you. Contact me to see how my services can help!


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